The Highway Code UK

The Highway Code UK

The Highway Code is valid in England, Scotland and Wales. It is a document that must be obligatory read by every user of the road. Either drivers and cyclists or motorcyclists, pedestrians and horse riders should follow it.

The biggest part of the Highway Code rules have a legal power and if you violate its requirements you can get a fine, add points to the licence or be disqualified in case of disobedience. There are also some more serious cases when people are put behind the bars.

Mock Theory UK

Mock Theory Test

Mock theory test is a kind of a test passed by drivers and motorcyclists that confirms the knowledge of driving theory.

It consists of a multiple choice part and helps to identify the areas that require being improved. It is better to take a Mock theory test before trying to pass the actual examination as it is cheaper and you will be confident in your knowledge.

Road Signs UK

Traffic Signs and Signals

Traffic signs and signals in the UK do not differ much from ones in other European countries. Many signs are depicted and explained in the Highway Code, while a more detailed information is provided in the Department’s booklet Know Your Traffic Signs. All the signs are divided into warning, information, direction, road works signs and ones giving order.

British signals are divided into two types: ones given by authorized persons and ones to other road users.

Highway Code News

News and articles for drivers

Read out the latest traffic news of Great Britain. Here you can find information about situation on the roads, news from the local authority, changes in driving rules, overview of the current road incidents as well as current and planned road work information.

We offer you not only up-to-date information from trusted sources but also useful articles and pieces of advice for drivers, so you can be confident to be aware of everything connected with traffic and roads of the UK.

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