Free Mock Theory Test

Every driver who uses roads must know car driving theory in order to guarantee safety both for himself and other road users. Moreover, it is impossible to get a full driving licence without passing the DVSA theory test. This test confirms the fact that a driver is knowledgeable in driving theory and will follow the rules on the roads.

Practical theory test from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is based on the deep knowledge of the Highway Code. The theory test is taken by every person, who wishes to obtain a full driving licence independent on the vehicle type he is going to drive. The test is multiple choice one and its number of questions depends on the vehicle:

  • There are 50 questions for car drivers and motorcyclists;
  • There are 100 questions for drivers of busses, coaches and lorries.

In order to pass the practice test it is necessary to give 86% of correct answers. If you are lucky enough to get enough points, you will be given a theory test pass certificate that allows you to try a practical driving test.

It is impossible to pass the car driving theory test without thorough preparation. That is why it is very important to read the Highway Code attentively and opt for trying a mock theory test or even several of them. Every test has a similar structure to the real DVSA test and can be a good check that will show if you are ready to pass an original test.

DVSA Theory Test 2021:

A mock theory test can have a different number of questions and be structured starting from the simplest and finishing with the most difficult questions. You can also opt for tests in accordance with the topic to revise as well as choose the number of questions. There are tests with 20 and 30 questions for people who are short of time as well as 50-question tests that remind an original one. It lasts for 57 minutes and you can review the questions that were marked wrongly in order to avoid these mistakes in future.

The tests are developed on the basis of the Highway Code so you will be offered questions both from the driving theory and road signs. There are over 500 multiple choice questions offered in the random order for you to try a new set of questions each time no matter how many times you go through the test. It makes learning efficient and does not allow remembering only correct letters. All the questions have been developed by experienced instructors who deal with driving on a daily basis and know what is required from drivers.

Mock theory tests will not only help you to get a driving licence but their knowledge will be also incredibly important in everyday driving practice. Who knows, this knowledge may once save your life or prevent you from dangerous consequences, so being armed with this information is of utmost importance. Each question offered on the website has been taken from real life situations and that guarantees their efficiency. Try every mock theory test on our website to get a driving licence and prepare yourself to tough road situations.

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