Steering in a new way - the latest changes in traffic rules in the UK

All drivers should be aware of 6 new traffic rules that come into force in 2018. The laws will come into effect in the nearest months and here is the most important data out of them.

Fines for violations on the motorways

Since March, driving on the closed line has been punished with a serious fine. It is reported that the Road Service of England has sent about 80 thousand letters to drivers reminding them of the necessity to follow traffic signs that forbid driving on the closed line.

Also, since recent times, there are cameras on the improved motorways to determine drivers who continue driving on the closed lines. These drivers will be fined by £100 and get 3 penalty points.

Is there a prohibition for young drivers?

New data have been published and according to it, young drivers between 17 and 24 years are guilty of shocking one-fourth of the traffic accidents resulted in human death. That is why a possibility to forbid driving at night for the drivers of the following age group is under consideration now.

Recently, Premier Minister Theresa May has announced that a possibility to introduce a probationary period will be considered for the second time. Similar programs of giving ‘a traffic license of the graduate’ have been introduced in Australia, the USA and New Zealand.

The program also states the restriction of the vehicle engine to struggle with young racers roaring in the streets.

Student drivers are able to steer on the motorways

Despite the fact that an accurate date when this permission comes into force is still unknown, this year people who are learning to drive will be able to drive in the motorways. By the time when qualified driving instructors sit next to their learners, such learners will be able to learn driving on the motorways.

Such a decision was made on the basis of the results of the governmental research which has shown that a very small number of graduates drive on the motorways after they have passed a test. It means that most of the new drivers were moving on the motorways first in their life without a companion.

Tax increase for the owners of diesel vehicles

Since April, diesel cars that have been just registered will be imposed on a new charge. These changes that have been earlier mentioned in the budget for 2018 will be applied to new vehicles purchased after April and not meeting the latest requirements for exhaust fumes. Depending on the amount of exhaust fumes a car produces, the tax will vary between £20 and £500.

Driving exam has undergone changes

A driving exam was changed in December last year and learner drivers who start driving now are taught in an absolutely different way. Now, instead of a 10-minute drive on their own, drivers should do that for 20 minutes already. Besides, unlike previous requirements, they will be also checked for the ability to use navigation.

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