Obtaining a British driving licence

To be able to drive either a car or a motorcycle in the UK it is necessary to obtain a licence. It can be done in two stages:

1. How to obtain a Provisional Licence

There are several conditions A provisional licence falls under:

Who is provisional licence given to?

Application for a provisional licence is allowed only to people who are older than 16 years and 10 months. It is not obligatory to be the owner of a car or motorcycle, but one is required for you to be insured for and allowed to practice driving.

Applying for a provisional licence

To apply for this licence one should fill out a D1 application form with the black ink pen and using only capital letters. That can be done in the nearest DVLA office or post office. You can also leave an inquiry online or by phone 0300 790 6801.


Note: in comparison with other states there is no need to take a theory exam to drive if you adhere to all the lists conditions. The licence is created for three weeks in general.

2. How to obtain a Full Licence

Application for a full licence does not require having a determined number of driving practice.hours. The driving test of the person possessing a provisional licence can be taken anytime. In addition you should also pass a driving theory test to get a full licence.

The driving theory test

To be allowed to take practical driving a person should pass a car driving theory test either for cars or for motorcycles. It consists of two parts:

In case you pass both parts successfully you will be given a theory test pass certificate. To practice multiple choice questions now click here.

To be admitted to taking a driving theory test one should provide:

Note: there is no requirement to paw a theory test for people, who possess a full moped licence since July 1996 or a B1 licence.

The practical driving test

Practical driving tests check person’s ability to drive safely independent of weather conditions as well as helps to understand if he or she can put the knowledge of the Highway Code to practice in reality.

Going to the practical test one should have the following things with:

Note: Driving is allowed to everyone who has passed the practical driving test even if there is still no full licence issued to you. Drivers who passed the test on automatic cars can drive only these types of vehicles.

Cars or light vans categories (with and without trailers)

There are several categories of vehicles and a driving licence determines what category you have a right to drive.

Category B includes motor vehicles with Maximum Authorised Mass of 3,500kg with or without a trailer and possessing up to 8 passenger seats. Tractors are included here as well. They can be driven since 17 years.

B96 combines a trailer and motor vehicle. Its Maximum Authorised Mass is between 3,500kg and 4,250 kg.

B + E combines a trailer or semitrailer (category B tractor vehicle) and a motor vehicle. Their Maximum Authorised Mass should not exceed 7,000 kg (3,500 kg each).

Motorcycle and moped categories

AM category includes a 2- or 3-wheel moped or light quadricycles driven since 16 years. The engine size is 50cc and the maximum speed is 45 kph.

The A1 category includes small motorcycles driven since 17 years. It has got a 125cc engine size and an 11kW power output.

The A2 category includes medium-sized motorcycles driven since 19 years. It has got a 35kW power output.

A category includes large motorcycles driven since 24 years or 21 years via Progressive access.

All these A category transportation means require from the driver to go through a CBT.

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