A new bus ticket was created in the UK

A new bus ticket that allows its owners to travel around the country was developed in the UK. It is the creation of the largest British company National Express.

It has offered passengers a ticket called Skimmer that is valid up to four weeks and provides an unlimited number of trips around the country. Both local residents and tourists will be able to use it.

The ticket price varies between 69 and 199 pounds and you can travel by any intercity races of this company not only around England but also Scotland. This ticket is also valid on the Hotel Hoppa route from the Heathrow airport and even includes the baggage cost.

National Express is the largest British bus operator that offers hundreds of different itineraries. There are several dozens of races on a daily basis including ones to the British airports.

The ticket will offer tourists an opportunity to make the most of being in the country and take advantage of more profitable ways of travelling.

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