How to drive a car if you are temporarily blinded

It happens that when it is getting dark and you are driving a car, you can be suddenly be blinded by the ongoing car and be not able to see anything. What can you do in such cases?

1. Headlights of another driver are turned on high beam

Sometimes drivers forget that their headlights are switched on high beam. In this case, you can turn on the quick headlight flash as a reminder, but if there is no answer try to be tolerant and never switch to high beam with the purpose to the blind. The way out is focusing your eyesight on the left hand waiting for another car to pass. If that happens with the car following you, change the position of the mirror.

2. Sun dazzle or strike

When the sun appears right in front of the driver and sun visor is not able to cope with the situation, a driver should opt for:

You must be ready that the windscreen will get even worse visible, so clean the side that will not make the visibility even worse.

3. Sun reflection

The number of different things on the road that may reflect the sun is quite big, so drivers should be armed with sunglasses, sun visor or focus the vision on the roadside that does not blind them.

4. Fog, mist or ice

It goes without saying that windscreen may fog up under certain weather conditions. The reasons are different: a great difference in temperatures outside and inside of the car, increased humidity etc.

If you keep the windscreen tidy, the condensation level will be smaller as it usually rests on the dust particles. There are also special products that prevent from fogging and applied to the inside window.

Another approach is switching on the windscreen delisted that might clean the windscreen blowing hot air onto it. With the air conditioned the process will be much faster.

The condensation can also be wiped out with the piece of cloth.

5. Other vehicles produce spray

Even on it may seem a fully dried road you can meet deep puddles that can cause the shower onto the windscreen produced by other drivers. Your reaction should be immediate as the best way out is to switch wipers at a full speed.

Sprays of mud and salt are also not a pleasant experience. When you follow another vehicle that might produce these kinds of spray, it is advisable to overtake it safely.

You can also purchase special repellent coatings on the windscreen.

6. Breakdown of the bonnet

Bonnets of the modern vehicles possess a 2-stage latch designed to catch a bonnet and prevent it from hitting the windscreen. It is a rare occasion but sometimes they still fly up and can blind you, crack or even smash the windscreen. The only solution for drivers is to stick the head out of the side window and try to stop the car avoiding an accident. You can realize how many lines you need to cross to reach the edge of the road.

7. Sneeze

It may seem funny but simple sneezing can bring about very severe results. When a person sneezes he closes his eyes and if you are unlucky to have a sneeze fit driving a car, that means that quite a long distance will be covered by you with your eyes opened and closed repetitively.

8. Changing light

Eyes of older drivers as well as ones with poor eyesight got very tired of changes in light. Passing through tunnels, seeing the moving headlight, shades, bright sun rays influence the eyes.

Drivers who enter a tunnel should take off sunglasses if there are any and switch on the lights to adjust faster. Be ready to the several seconds of getting blinded leaving the tunnel too.

9. Specific blindness of motorcyclists

The main cause of being blind among motorcyclists is a visor. For, dirt or scratches may be a reason for that.

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