The Highway Code will face several changes in 2019

Next year, the Highway Code will acquire new changes in its content. Not only MOTs is going to be adjusted but also rules how to drive on motorways and how to interact with cyclists. The list of changes regarding MOTs was developed in May but they will take effect and be fully used only in the upcoming year. It is possible to look at the full version of the document here but lower you can find a summary of the latest categories that guarantee either pass or fail.

MOT rules recent update

Dangerous (Fail) – Road safety or environment are subjected to the direct and immediate risk or another significant influence. It is forbidden to drive until you repair the vehicle.

Fail Major (Fail) - Safety of the vehicle is questioned, other road users are put at risk or there is a negative influence on the environment. The vehicle requires immediate fixing.

Fail Minor (Pass) – Vehicle safety is not affected much and influence on the environment is minimal. Repairing should be performed as soon as possible.

Pass Advisory (Pass) – The situation may get worse in some time. It requires monitoring and further repairing.

Pass (Pass) – All the terms of the minimum legal standard have been met. Always check if the following standard is still met.

Changes in the rules on the motorway

Learner drivers can now drive on motorways

The rights of drivers who only learn to drive have been extended. Now, they should not wait for a license to be able to use motorways as other drivers do. If a learner is sitting next to the instructor with dual controls engaged, he or she can move along motorways before the receipt of the official driver license. However, learners who feel not confident driving on the motorway can sigh with relief - it will not be required to do that during the driving test.

New fines on motorways

Every driver can get a fine in the amount of £100 and have all 3 points filled in the license if they are spotted driving in closed lanes of the motorway. On the road, these lanes are marked with a red ‘X’.

The government plans to announce these adjustments in 2019.

What will change in driving licenses?

The RAC informed that modern drivers will have to agree with a number of limits in their behavior on the road. It may be connected with occasional curfews, a limited number of passengers, reductions in the speed limit and a much lower index of alcohol limit. The following changes will be introduced as a pilot version in Northern Ireland in 2019 and if they are successful, they will spread all around the country.

How to overtake cyclists

According to the changes, drivers should pass cyclists at the distance that cannot be less than 1.5m (4.9ft). Otherwise, they can be issued a fine equal £1,000 for the violations of the following rule.

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