Is it worth putting the Highway Code on the National Curriculum?

There is a viewpoint in the Department for Education that the Highway Code must be added to the post-16 curriculum.

The question about the necessity to learn such important terms as mortgage, tax, politics has been raised for many times already. The reason for that is a possibility to make young drivers more responsible and educated as well as make road casualty less frequent.

The idea was offered to the UK government by the representatives of LeaseCar uk. They suggested adding the Highway Code to the curriculum of the students of the 6th grade. Learning this topic at the lessons of general studies students will acquire knowledge that will be used by them on practise in the future.

The main argument they offer is the fact that all pupils over 16 years old use roads both like pedestrians and car, taxi or bus passengers and there are many young people who decide to learn to drive at the age of 17. It was a reason why motoring experts asked the government to make changes to the school curriculum of the students attending the 6th grade. Moreover, they advise using an official handbook developed by the specialists of the Department for Transport for studying.

The main rules of a safe and legal road use have been written in the Highway Code for more than 80 years already.

Road experts hope that it will help to raise a wise generation that will use the road in a much safer way. Moreover, it will be a boost for new drivers to feel more confident and avoid paying much money for a costly insurance, because a deeper knowledge of the topic may reduce road incidents too.

According to Tim Alcock, a representative of LeaseCar uk, all road users should pay attention to safety, first of all. However, education remains a much more effective way of achieving this goal, not punishment.

He admitted that if teachers managed to capture students’ minds earlier than they left their parents’ home or started driving, there will be a positive shade in the standards of modern drivers and safety on the road.

Now it is obvious why such a request was sent to the Department for Education. Getting practical knowledge teenagers will once use it in real life, so there are many benefits of adding the Highway Code to the list of topics studied by six-graders.

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