Electric cars and unmanned technology will become the main investment of Great Britain

Great Britain will make an investment of about $1 billion dollars into the electric cars and unmanned vehicles. It was an announcement of Queen Elizabeth II made by her at the annual opening ceremony of the Parliament.

She has also added that the kingdom should take leading positions in these spheres. The biggest part of the money (over 800 million pounds) will be spent on electric vehicles. The reason for that was the estimation made by the British Parliament.

In accordance with it, the economy share concerning unmanned technology and low-carbon transportation might take 28 billion pounds by 2035.

The government has also set an objective to oblige drivers to get a compulsory automobile insurance for electric car owners, establish a legislative norm on zero emission of carbon dioxide for all transportation means until 2050, install charging stations for electric cars both at the large petrol stations and car-care centers as well as subject them to a single standard.

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