Driving with eyesight problems: is it possible?

To obtain or possess a driving licence your eyesight standard should be minimal. Usually, you can correct these problems with the glasses, lenses or eye surgery, but in some cases, you need to report to DVLA.

There is a DVLA requirement in accordance with which you should state if there are any problems with your eyesight from the following list (Cars and motorbikes - V1 form; coaches, busses, and lorries - V1V form):

There is no need to report to DVLA about some problems with eyes if they do not influence the way you drive. They are listed in the V1V form and include:

There is a requirement to stop driving for a stated period of time if you suffer from:

If you have ensured that you meet the driving standards, there is no need to report to DVLA if you have such problems as:

In both cases, you need to wear corrective lenses.

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