Cyclists will be punished more severely in the UK

A commission of experts recommended the government to evaluate the dangerous behavior of the cyclists as strictly as a malicious violation of the traffic rules by drivers.

The United Kingdom will change the punishment of cyclists - malicious violators of the traffic rules, making their behavior equal to the criminal offense in case of the traffic accident with human victims. They mean predominantly accidents when cyclists run into pedestrians who die of the injuries received.

The punishment for dangerous driving is very strict in the UK: in case of the traffic accident with human victims, a driver can receive up to 14 years of imprisonment, and there were many talks in the parliament about a necessity to increase this punishment to life imprisonment.

Cyclists are judged not so strictly for the similar crimes considering the law about crimes against personality (1861) that mentions the punishment of two years of imprisonment. Historically, this law was applied to carriers when a pedestrian got under a horse because of their fault, and judges have to use this old rule as by sense and size of the potential danger a bike is closer to a horse rather than to a car with a huge horsepower.

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